Finally, they are back!

After some months of disappearance, the mysterious duo is back with The Fall, ready to delight us with their detailed melodies, sensual brushstrokes, sweet perfumes and caresses that give goose bumps. Rhye is equal to eargasm, simple as that. Each time I listen to one of their songs I melt like butter and start to play with my hair. Sometimes I blush, and that’s the moment to tell myself: Don’t Naroa, fight! But it’s already too late, and every part of my body has succumbed to the charms of Rhye. And this isn’t good because they might disappear one more time and my ears will suffer again for love. But before Rhye leaves they will shout: make love to me one more time before you go away…

My eyes still wait to see their lover with videos like Open which will make their retinas jump of emotion… V for Video, please.

- Naroa

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