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A few months ago we did our first little interview with Still Time, that was a big success. So we did a second with Atlas Genius and now we have our third small interview. This time we talked with the guys from Medic, a band from Larkspur, Co lorado. After some small talk with one of the band members I decided to ask if we could do an interview. They were okay with that idea, so today I can show you the result . I hope you like it. 

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The Music Beam: Since you guys are not so known in Belgium, where the blog is based, can you tell us some more about Medic and how you guys started?

Medic: We started in February of 2011. We had all been friends and hanging out for quite some time and really kist wanted to get together and make some great art. That was the main ambition.

The Music Beam: Recently you guys released a brand new album called Grace & Gravity. How long have you worked for the album and how did the recordings go? I can assume that it's not always fun and laughter. 

Medic: We worked on Grace & Gravity for 4 months. It was produced by our dear friend Michael Rossback who Dominick and I (Aaron) have known for most of our lives. He's a talented guy and amazing to collaborate with. It was a new experience and it was mostly smiles and laughter. Honestly, it was one of the most fun times in any of our lives and we were playing songs we loved.

The Music Beam: I think Grace & Gravity is your first album. Which song do you like the most from that album?

Medic: Yes, Grace and Gravity is our first recording. My favorite song changes all the time. At the moment Grace & Gravity is my favorite. It's has a great feel and is lyrically one of my strongest in my opinion.

The Music Beam: What music did you listen to when you were younger and how does that influence Medics music now?

Medic: We grew up listening to cheesy Christian music. We grew out of it eventually. In the last 10 years we've all had a steady diet of U2, Coldplay, Copeland and Switchfoot. 

The Music Beam: We couldn't find a genre where we would put your music in. Where would you put the music of Medic?

Medic: Your guess is as good as ours. 

The Music Beam: How do you look into the future? What are the big plans for the band? I'm sure you are planning on going abroad or nation wide, are there any plans for that?

Medic: We want this band to be our lives. We have great ambitions and by that we aren't just talking stadium shows and fast cars, we want to make connection with people. We want to go anywhere and everywhere and make friends with people all over the world. Fans aren't our goal.

The Music Beam: Thank you so much for this small interview!

Medic: Thanks for everything Simon, we are honored to be on this blog!


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