Interview: The Great American Canyon Band

It has been a while since we've done another interview, so here is one. This interview is with The Great American Canyon Band. I hope you guys like it, for me it was really fun to read and even a bit inspirational. Enjoy! 


The Music Beam: Not many people know who the Great American Canyon Band is, can you give a little introduction to our fans about the band and the name?

The GACB: We are dreamers who haven’t quite figured out the best way to go about our day to day in what most would consider a modern existence. We prefer old furniture and old cars and wish people still wrote letters by hand in their best cursive to correspond with friends and loved ones. We write songs to pass the time and take long walks to write the songs. As for the band’s name we hope you will forgive us for not deciphering it. Life truly lacks any real mystery these days and we do our best to not perpetuate that trend.     

The Music Beam: Which genre do you consider your music te be? Who influenced you guys when you were younger?

The GACB: We don’t necessarily feel we’re qualified to provide a specific nomenclature when it comes to genre in regards to our music or anyone else’s for that matter. Names and nouns used as descriptors and categorizers when discussing art are there to provide a classification system. I have no idea what genre Sigur Ros’ falls under, but can tell you that my listening experience with them is one of complete distinction. I love listening to London Calling by The Clash or anything by Hank Williams Sr. because I know I will always find myself feeling, learning something new with each listen. We did not write and record these songs to make a genre specific album. We just created what was inside of us at that specific time and agreed to deal with the results after.

The Music Beam: You are husband & wife, does that influence the way of making music? Maybe it brings out a little more passion, how did that work out for the band?

The GACB: Well I think the simple answer is yes. Krystal and I are soul mates. I told her I was going to marry her the third day I knew her and she claims to have known she was going to marry me 10 minutes after meeting. But we didn’t actually start making this record until we really hit a hard time in our lives. I won’t go into a lot of it, but we had made a lot of bad choices and ended up paying the price. Chasing a dream is not a solid way to make a living these days and we were essentially homeless for a while. The only place we could afford to live was in a house without running water; entire sections of the walls and floor missing, and there were only a few outlets that wouldn’t kill you. Writing, recording, and singing these songs became our escape. The songs essentially becoming the living, breathing manifestations of our unwavering connection and shared desire to keep going.

The Music Beam: I really like Tumbleweed, can you tell us what that song is about? 

The GACB: Well, Krystal wrote that song and we’ve never actually discussed what it’s about with each other. I do know where I was the first time I heard her sing it. I also know exactly what it meant to me the first time I heard her sing it, but I would feel awful if my personal interpretation ruined someone else’s. To us song meanings are often better left to the individual. I will divulge one tidbit though and that is the song’s first seed of inspiration sprouted while driving around the deserts of Southern California near the Salton Sea. And that the first time I heard the song, the lyric was not “from the desert to the shining sea”, but rather “from the desert to the Salton Sea”.  

The Music Beam: What are your plans for the future? Are you planning to tour for a while or maybe get back in the studio to make an album? 

The GACB: Honestly the plan is to just continue. We’re not exactly sure what that means, but life and the music business are funny in the way they interact. We’ve got our first LP finished and plan to release it as soon as we feel comfortable with our ability to promote it and touring is a huge part of that. So as soon as the right situations arise we will do as much of that as we can. For now though we are just going to continue to enjoy the process and make music and art without over analyzing it. We feel like the minute we start over thinking why or what we’re doing everything will change, and that’s not something we’re necessarily interested in doing.   

The Music Beam: If you want to say something to our fans, this is your moment. 

The GACB: Put down the road map.


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