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It only has been a few days since we've done our latest interview (with The Great American Canyon Band), and here we are again with another one, this time with LA-based Baby Monster. If you don't know Baby Monster yet, we highly recommend you to listen to their latest EP City of Lovers and their debut album Baby Monster from 2011!

To begin, could you introduce yourself and the co-members, and tell us when you started the band?

Daniel: We started Baby Monster at the end of 2008, right after Marty moved down to Los Angeles from Oregon. I had already been living in LA for a while and met Marty a few years before that while recording his old band. Between the two of us, we play all of the instruments, while Marty sings, and I occasionally do background vocals.

Your new EP "City Of Lovers" is absolutely great, especially the self-titled song, what were your influences when you wer writing these songs and what are your thoughts about it now?

Daniel: Thanks! The "City of Lovers" EP actually came together quite differently than everything we had worked on before. Marty was back in Oregon for a majority of the time we were making the record so we were both writing completely on our own and then later combined our ideas, resulting in this EP. I was listening to a lot of Hall & Oates, George Michael and Talking Heads during that time but I'm not sure if that necessarily comes through in our music.

Marty: I remember listening to the Pretty Things album "SF Sorrow" quite a bit, and that Wire song "Heartbeat". Also, Magnetic Fields, and a lot of New Order and Talking Heads as well.

Could you tell us what the song "City of Lovers" is about?

Marty: I guess the goal was to write a song about cities and the different identities people create for themselves within their own city.

Are you planning to release some new tracks sooner or later?

Daniel: Yes, definitely.. Already working on new tracks.

Are you planning a tour in Europe, or maybe go see the world?

Daniel: No plans to tour at the moment, although we'd eventually like to get back to the UK/Europe again. Possibly spring/summer of 2013?

If you could be the supporting act of a band, can you think of a particular band you would like to go touring with? In other words, do you have figureheads in music?

Marty: I don't know, but I'd like to play at some county fairs and casinos. Heart just played the other night at the county fair and it looked like fun. I'd be ok with opening for Heart at the County Fair.

Daniel: New order or Hall & Oates

You've got a very unique sound, do you guys have some influences from other bands you like? And how do you write your songs?

Daniel: I think a big part of our sounds comes from Marty's voice; it's very distinct and recognizable. We both share a lot of the same musical influences so we're almost always on the same page with each other when it comes to what's good and what sucks. When we're writing, we're just making music that sounds good to us, like, something we'd actually listen to. A lot of our songs are written in different ways; some have music that is written around the vocals and melody, while others have the vocals written to an instrumental track. Since we produce our own music, we often go back to a song and recreate a totally new production for a track to see if it improves the song.

Marty: Yeah, like for example: with City of Lovers, we originally had a much different song, but we weren't quite satisfied with it. Danny had three or four alternate productions of the song lying around and I thought one of them was the perfect direction. so, that became the version we worked off of and eventually released.

And how did you made up that band name, does it have some personal background or something like that?

Daniel: It was actually the name of a song we both worked on for Marty's old band.

In Belgium you are an upcoming -and to us a very promising- band, is this the case in your country/city (Los Angeles) as well or are you already big out there?

Daniel: We're huge over here!! Hah... that would be great if you had absolutely no way of checking if that's true. That's really cool to hear that people in Belgium are into the music.

Marty: I'm not really sure what people think of us over here. But, sounds like it's time to move to Belgium!

Two years ago you played in Brussels (Botanique), could you tell us something about that? How was that experience and are you planning to come back to Belgium soon?

Marty: Yeah! I remember we played in the cool basement room. it was one of the earlier shows on the tour and we hadn't quite figured everything out. In the middle of our song "Ultra Violence and Beethoven", like, all of our equipment shut down, and we had to finish it acoustically. Thankfully, the crowd was really supportive. After the show, this older fellow waited outside for a long time to get an autograph. We thought: "wow, what a dude", but then one of the workers tol us that the man was a regular, who stood outside of every show and asked for autographs. After that, I wasn't quite sure what to think of him.

Thank you so much guys! And good luck with Baby Monster in the future, but I think that will be alright if you keep going this way!

Daniel: Thanks!


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