Grizzly Bear

Dangerous, growling and brown snot snorting: Grizzly Bear awakens with a solid wood carved fuckedface from his prolonged wintersleep. Sleeping Ute, opening track on Shields, shakes with guitareruptions and a heavy rythm the lices of his fur, that had build up sinds the release of there successfull Vekatimest. The band sounds more free than ever, maybe because after a long time in the wild they can finally rest at the top of the indiepyramid. 

Damped jazzbrushes, timid organ, a piano hung to a baxter, copper in unexpected corners,... the bears are still making their sandwiches with Beatles-like harmonies and sixtiesmelodies, that we here in Gun-Shy. Proof enough that Shields is more sober and more pure than his predecessor, and therefore we love love love it. 

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