Flume is a young Australian artist really worthy to listen to. He has just released his new album in Australia and New Zeeland (Hi Mr. Streten, Europe also wants you) and it’s incredibly gorgeous.

Full of groovy beats and catchy melodies, every sound is perfectly sewed, leading to beautiful and detailed songs. And these are the kind of songs that... how I can explain it… Has it never happened to you to be walking and suddenly stop in the middle of the street and dance for 0.5 seconds? It’s more a muscular spasm rather than a dance step. Has it never happened to you? After that “my-skeleton-is-rebellious-today” there’s a “No Madame, neither I’m high nor it’s an epileptic attack symptom. It’s just good music that makes my bones turn into spaghetti”. Well, Flume’s songs are those which make you react like that.

All the songs are incredible. My favorite track is Left Alone. I’m also a big fan of Chet Faker so having in the same song both of them is just paradise for my ears. I think that Michelangelo would resuscitate after listening to this and would do a painting of Flume and Chet Faker as Gods of sex. Oh yes.

- Naroa


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