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Them Swoops

Them Swoops, a new band from Melbourne (Australia), just released their first song. The song is called Work Around It and it's really catchy. As a first single this song can count as a serious BOOM into the music industry. 

Them Swoops have already announced the release date for their first EP. This EP will drop in spring 2013. I'm really curious after hearing this first single and I bet there is plenty of sweet music to come. Enjoy Beamers!


Belgian Tuesday # 5

We try to bring you every some music from our own country, Belgium. This week we found a band called Jerusalem Syndrome. These young guys are based in Eeklo in Flanders. They have won a lot of national band competitions and played on Suikerrock, a big festival in Belgium. 

The sound reminds me of the Arctic Monkeys. I'm sure you will like these young guys, I do for sure! Enjoy this great Belgian talent!

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