Breakbot released his new EP One Out Of Two a couple of days ago.  At first I wasn't really convinced. But I kept listening to it more and more, and now I actually have to admitt that it has entered my Itunes 25 most played songs and that in just 3 days. So I couldn't wait any longer to share it with you. On the EP there are two new songs, Programme and One Out Of Two, and a bunch of remixes of the latter. One Out Of Two will be the lead single of his upcoming first album By Your Side, due out in September on Ed Banger records. The catching piano tune brings you instant happiness, like most Breakbot songs do. This probably explains why I have been listening it so much during this exam period. Breakbot teams up once again with Irfane - member of the French band Outlines - on vocals, who did a great job taking it to an even higher level. The EP is a lovely foretaste of what we can expect from his first full album later this year. Looking forward!

Breakbot is performing in Belgium this summer at Dour festival. Don't miss it! I definitely will be standing at the front row. Hope to meet you guys over there !


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