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Leann Grimes

Remember Leann Grimes? About a year ago, he released his first online album for free on his website, called Leann Grimes. Two weeks ago, he released his second album, I'm Not Too Skinny, containing 15 new tracks of his. All of these tracks are based on samples from songs that he liked, found on music blogs. You can download his newest album here: http://leanngrimes.bandcamp.com/album/im-not-too-skinny. My favourite tracks are: Shane's Bay, Unknown Land and Like a Surgeon. Enjoy!

Freelance Whales

Freelance Whales have anounced that they will release a brand new album in October and it will be called Diluvia. They've posted this brand new song on their Facebook page a couple of days ago, so have a listen! Enjoy

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Dieter Schaaf

Our loyal fans will remember that we did an interview with a young musician called Dieter Schaaf. He just released a brand new album when we interviewed him and now, a couple of months later, he recorded his first video. The video is for the beautiful song I Am A Child, which is also the name for the album. Support Dieter Schaaf and get the album on his Facebook page! 

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Breakbot released his new EP One Out Of Two a couple of days ago.  At first I wasn't really convinced. But I kept listening to it more and more, and now I actually have to admitt that it has entered my Itunes 25 most played songs and that in just 3 days. So I couldn't wait any longer to share it with you. On the EP there are two new songs, Programme and One Out Of Two, and a bunch of remixes of the latter. One Out Of Two will be the lead single of his upcoming first album By Your Side, due out in September on Ed Banger records. The catching piano tune brings you instant happiness, like most Breakbot songs do. This probably explains why I have been listening it so much during this exam period. Breakbot teams up once again with Irfane - member of the French band Outlines - on vocals, who did a great job taking it to an even higher level. The EP is a lovely foretaste of what we can expect from his first full album later this year. Looking forward!

Breakbot is performing in Belgium this summer at Dour festival. Don't miss it! I definitely will be standing at the front row. Hope to meet you guys over there !


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Upcoming indie-pop sensation Kitten has released her second EP Cut It Out/Sugar a month ago, it has two songs which you can download for free on Soundcloud (watch link below). We knew her already from her previous EP Sunday School with great tracks like Chinatown and Kill The Light. We're aware that one day, she will become famous in Europe and will play tons of festivals! Keep an eye on her guys, she will be big one day!

Download Cut It Out/Sugar here: http://www.kittentheband.com/

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Tayyib Al

Remember when we blogged about Tayyib Ali almost a year ago? He was the small hip hopper who moved to LA to make his dream true. He dropped Keystone State of Mind back then. Now this small hip hopper is getting bigger. He just released a new mixtape called Mr. Keystone State of Mind, a reference to his first album, and from that mixtape we have Dreaming for you. But in his goal to succeed all over the States he managed to make a big step. He is going on a nationwide tour with fellow musician Logic, both signed at Visionary Music Group. I know Tayyib Ali is going to be big if he keeps on producing these nice songs! Enjoy!

Max and the Moon

A couple of months ago I reviewed this band called Max and the Moon, they had just released their EP called The Way I See. And now they've offered us a sneak preview of their latest work. They are releasing a three-part music video series called Trail of the Dead

Max and the Moon: "Rather than following the traditional music video format, the Trail of the Dead trilogy will combine various formats of visual mediums to immerse fans and viewers into a universe inspired by Max and the Moon and their music. The series consists of three videos: a short film, a traditional music video and an interactive music video for viewers. The trailer will quickly glance at all three  videos that are set to be released the last weeks of June, July and August." 

So keep checking the blog for more information when the videos are released. Now you can enjoy the teaser and a song from their EP. Enjoy!

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