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Still Time - Class & Style

About a year ago I heard this band on Hypem. The weather was nice outside so I took my headphones and put this band on, I never stopped listening to them, even in the winter. The sound gives me a nice and warm feeling. You have to try it! You can purchase their albums on iTunes. 

The sound reminds me off The Counting Crows, it's a nice sweet folk sound with a bit rock in it. And when you put it on you feel like you are in the Californian Mountains. 

To purchase their 3 albums: 

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The Kills - Satellite

A few months ago the American indie-band The Kills announced to quit with that project and to proceed with Alison Mosshart's other project with Jack White (the Death Weather), but here they are again with a brand new and awesome song. The album is said to be released in April 2011, can't wait to hear more of 'em!

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Rich Doors (Machinedrum Remix) - NewVillager

Great song of this brand new band from San Francisco and NY, remixed by Machinedrum, a rather experimental and noisy DJ from NY as well. It might have some elements of the synthpop of Passion Pit, but this band has a unique sound anyway, hope you enjoy it!

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Ego Troopers

Belgian's newest dj duo called 'Ego Troopers', only 14 and 16 years old, have recorded the beginning of their live performance at Soulwaxmas. An amazing opening set with an even more remarkable remix of Bach's 'Toccato Di Fuga' followed by a couple of their own tracks. Guess we will be hearing a lot more of these two Belgian youngsters in the future!

The Naked And The Famous - Girls Like You

For those who aren't familiar with this upcoming New Zealand band, we'll give you a short introduction. "The Naked And Famous" will certainly be one of the bands to look after in 2011. Their debute single 'Young Dream' was an immediate success and the other tracks on their debute album 'Passive Me, Aggressive You', that will be released on 14th March, are definitely worth the effort to. These five Kiwis succeeded to create some really addicted tracks. As a good example of their sound we present you 'Girls Like You', one of the most noticeable tracks with a simple, artistic video. Enjoy!

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Telekinesis - Car Crash

Awesome sound, reminds me of vampire weekend in their early years! Have fun listening!

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The Dirtbombs - Sharevari (Omar-S Remix)

Found this techno tune yesterday, the bass kicks through your body and touches your soul, enjoy!

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