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Yeasayer vs. Seal

Yeasayer is back with a new cover of Seal! They rocked the festivals in Europe with their album 'Odd Blood' but now it has been a while that we heard something from this band, but, with this awesome cover of Crazy, we could say they're totally back, enjoy!

Boy & Bear

Boy & Bear is an Australian folk band, again something Australian. Last year they toured with Mumford & Sons trough Australia. The latest EP of the band is called 'With Emperor Antartica', I recommend this it's a nice EP with very good songs and you really can hear the folk! 

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Will Roush

Song by the upcoming hip-hop sensation in New York, the song is called What I Gotta Do and is produced by a huge producer: J Dilla! J Dilla has already worked with Common, Mos Def and many more. Biggup I'd say!


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Architecture in Helsinki

Architecture in Helsinki is an Australian pop band with a bit of a strange sound. You can love their music or you can't. Their single 'Contact high' can be a true breakout for the band, you can listen to it below. Aye mates!

Music for Animals

Music for Animals is a rockband from San Fransisco. They are going to release a first album soon. If you are interested to do some artwork for the cover of the new album, go to their site 


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Azure Ray - Silverlake (feat. Mark Linkous)

As we all know, Mark Linkous (aka Sparklehorse) passed away last summer, and his last release took place that summer. He had recorded some tracks with Azure Ray, but Silverlake was not included on this record. Silverlake was released a few weeks ago and I must say it's a quite beautiful song, especially when you realise that Mark Linkous isn't with us anymore.

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