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Tyler, The Creator - French (Toro y Moi rmx)

Two of the best hits from 2011 so far joined in one song. We already showed our love for Toro y Moi and it seems like Tyler as a fan too. He tweeted that Toro y Moi new albom is swagged out. And it looks like they feel the same. They remixed Tyler's French. SWAG! ;)

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Timber Timbre

Timbre Timbre is a Canadian folk music project. They recorder their songs in a wooden cabin in the woods of Bobcaygeon. The sound is praised as a nice bluessy tune. Creep On Creepin' On is the fourth album of the trio and will be released in April. Here is a single of the forthcoming album, enjoy it!

Athletes in Paris

They jumped right out with their funny sound, really love this. They only have one track yet but we will keep you posted if there is more!

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Let's bring you some dub! I have found these guys on one of my trips through the internet, and tought to myself, they bring a very nice tune! Krew are 2 guys from Birmingham, UK! They are not known at all! Enjoy their music!

# 2 Belgian Tuesdays

Howdy, it's time for another Belgian Tuesday! Today the band in the picture is called Intergalactic Lovers. The band is based in Aalst, Belgium. This band is formed by 3 guys and 1 girl. They bring a kind of experimental rock with a little bit of soul and the intimate voice of Lara Chedraoui brings you to a higher level.

Last year they have won a Belgian competition called 'De Beloften'. And in the summer of 2010 they have made a debut album. The single below is on that album. It's a Belgian band to watch in the future. I hope they come to a lot of festivals in Belgium this summer, would love to see them live!

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Foo Fighters

The Foo Fighters is an American band, formed in Seattle. The brains after the band is Dave Grohl, he used to play with the legendary band Nirvana. The reason why I post Foo Fighters is because they are releasing a new album called Wasting Light in April. Underneath I posted Rope, one of their first singles of the new album. Enjoy this nice rock!

Tv On The Radio

Finally Tv On The Radio has released new work to admire. Will do is the first release from the band's forthcoming album Nine Types Of Light, which will be released on April 12. It's such a laid back tune, ideal for summertime. Just listen and relax, and Tv On The Radio 'will do' the rest for you!

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