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Kids These Days

Guess the riddle: Which genre of music is the one that mixes hip-hop, jazz, blues and rock? The answer is Traphouse rock. And where does this come from?

Kids These Days have released their full length debut album called Traphouse rock, which is an invented term for their unclear (but spectacular) genre. Check them out because they are really talented and very promising. You can download their full album for free in http://kidsthesedaysband.com/.

They may have no genre, but definitely they have soul.

- Naroa


Jonas Mantey - Wie Alles Begann

Just wanted to share this one with you guys: Jonas Mantey's brand new track called Wie Alles Begann. Beautiful, brilliant track by this young German. Saying 'This guy's got talent' would be an understatement, he will be big one day.

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Tame Impala - Lonerism

Imagine a 21st-century Woodstock. What groups would be acting there? I know for sure one that would be in the line-up: Tame Impala.

Tame Impala is a psychedelic rock band from Perth, Australia. They have just released their second album under the name Lonerism (I like when people make up new words, I do it sometimes as well) and it is full of fresh and dreamy songs.

And I love dreaming. So, I lie down in my bed, put Lonerism on and say “Ok, let’s dream”. The first song starts and…

- And I know that I gotta be above it now

And I know that I can’t let them bring me down

And I gotta bite my tongue as a face in the crowd

And I know that I gotta be above it now -

I open my eyes. “Fuck. What a declaration of principles, powerful words repeating over and over again”. Ssshh, continue.

- Well, am I’m getting closer? Will I ever get there? Does it even matter? Do I really need it? -

“Oh my God, I’m starting to question my life”. But I let the music wrap me in and I feel happy again.

- You'll know soon, you'll know soon -

And when Feels Like We Only Go Backwards makes his entrance, I’m already dancing, swinging like a snake in my bed. Pure psychedelic and retro. Pure ecstasy for my ears. I want more.

- Well he feels like an elephant Shaking his big grey trunk for the hell of it You know that youre dreaming about being loved by him Too bad your chances are slim. -

And the Elephant hypnotized the snake. I love this song, it has a very catchy music and every melody and sound is perfectly thought. This trip is being better than Disneyland.

I hope this would have no end and I could keep dreaming. Anyway, the end is also really good. The last song just makes you whisper “wow” and reinforces what you realized with the first notes, that they are pure artists.

- I tried to get up but it was pouring down on me -


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Saint Saviour - AllSaints Basement Sessions

I received a mail this morning from a very large agency in London, called Anorak. An agency with names like Basement Jaxx, Die Mason Die, Nneka, TNGHT,… on their roster. I was stunned that they contacted us, so I replied to the mail. They directly showed us this beautiful session from Saint Saviour. It's a basement session hosted by AllSaints, a london based fashion company. 

Becky Jones, former front woman of Groove Armada, created her own persona as Saint Saviour. She chose to took her traditional music background and remade it into stunning experimental electro. In this session her voice really pops out very clear and you can see that this woman has loads of talent. 

The music brings you into this trance and it's hard to get out. Cool drums, really great guitars, it's all in there and the band brings it out very well. This is one of the best sessions I've ever seen. I can post pages about how good this is but that's not what I'm trying to reach for, listen and you will experience this with me.

Just sit back and enjoy and I'm sure you guys will agree with my words. 

These are the 3 songs they played:


Fallen Trees

I Call This Home


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Animal Kingdom

It's been a long time since I've written a review, but I've got an album that you guys will like for sure: The Looking Away by Animal Kingdom. Until last week I had never heard about these guys, but then I saw them supporting Frightened Rabbit in Brussels. I was very pleased by their performance and I had to buy their most recent album, which I don't regret at all, since it is one fine indie record!

The Looking Away opens with The Wave, where Robert Sauberlich immediately demonstrates that he has a pretty charming voice. The Wave might not be the best track on the album, but although it's quite a decent opener for what's coming next. As Sauberlich's voice mysteriously faints away, Get Away With It kicks off with a very danceable guitar riff and drumline which reminds me a little of Interpol. As soon as the upbeat verse stops, the very catchy chorus subtle kicks in. Although the lyrics of the chorus aren't abstruse of anything, you'll be singing along soon!

Follower Strange Attractor is one of my favorite tracks of the album, it's kind of a mix between Two Door Cinema Club and Keane in their better days. What I like about Animal Kingdom is although they're a three-headed band, it sounds like there are five or more guys jamming. Straw Man is that sort of track that won't work if you release it as a single, but it's a great way to let the previous three tracks get through and to draw a line between the previous tracks and the upcoming tracks.

Skipping Disc is more of an acoustic song, which shows how diverse this album and Animal Kingdom in general are. And from the first second that the chorus took off, I new Sauberlich's voice reminded me of someone else's voice: Mark Foster of Foster The People.

White Sparks absolutely is a top class track: the clear Joy Division influences, Sauberlich's magical voice, beautiful lyrics and an upbeat and catchy chorus, there is nothing else to say to these guys than 'Thank you', not only for this track but for the whole album.

It looks like Animal Kingdom have found a great recipe for creating beautiful indie-tracks. I have this feeling that these guys will be performing at a lot of festivals sooner or later, it could be this year or next year, but trust me: Animal Kingdom will gain the respect that they deserve one day!

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Finally, they are back!

After some months of disappearance, the mysterious duo is back with The Fall, ready to delight us with their detailed melodies, sensual brushstrokes, sweet perfumes and caresses that give goose bumps. Rhye is equal to eargasm, simple as that. Each time I listen to one of their songs I melt like butter and start to play with my hair. Sometimes I blush, and that’s the moment to tell myself: Don’t Naroa, fight! But it’s already too late, and every part of my body has succumbed to the charms of Rhye. And this isn’t good because they might disappear one more time and my ears will suffer again for love. But before Rhye leaves they will shout: make love to me one more time before you go away…

My eyes still wait to see their lover with videos like Open which will make their retinas jump of emotion… V for Video, please.

- Naroa


Oh, I felt in love.

Born in London, based in Vienna. Singer-songwriter and producer SOHN is an ARTIST in capital letters. He is releasing his upcoming EP in November which is produced by Aesop and his first official single is The Wheel.

Sexy and catchy as hell, this beautiful song transports you to an another dimension. I wish I was in some paradisiacal beach staring to the sunset, beer in hand and moving my shoulders like an old little boat swinging in the sea… Listening to this dreamy song is the closest thing to that moment. Who wants to dream with me?

Bon voyage! 

- Naroa


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