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Thank God It's Friday!

As you can see Beamers, we are back with Thank God It's Friday! We bring you a selection of new songs which are released this week. I hope you enjoy it and see you next week! 

Chet Faker

It is very difficult to cover Burial’s Archangel without getting burned. Well, Chet Faker has walked through hot embers and fire, painless. I told you once that Michelangelo would resuscitate to paint Chet Faker, right? He might be a kind of God (Aphrodite in male, in my opinion), who knows. The point is that he and the band haven’t just done a cover, but made the song them, different and beautiful.


Listen and dream, beamers.



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Thomas Cade

I just came across this unknown genius. Thomas Cade is the name. He brings you the finest electronic music you can ask for. Cayley is his brand new track and that's also the only thing I can find from Cade, this track is the first single on Greenwich Mean Time. It will be released in January, I'll keep you posted on that. I really wanted you guys to get to know him. And when his first LP comes out next summer we will be first in line to review it. Enjoy!

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Today's delivery is brought to you by Tonikom . Rachel Maloney, aka Tonikom, is a solo artist who hails from New York City. It's hard to pin down one particular genre of sound as she likes to mix together a wide range of electronic elements. The track I'm bringing to you today is called Across Its Glassy Surface which comes from her recently released album, Found and Lost. The sound is very industrial but manages to blend in ethereal sounds that seem to almost "awaken" emotions in your subconscious. You try your best to keep the dark thoughts at bay. This is definitely a track made for headphones or a very good sound system that envelopes your being because there are many small nuances to the sound. It almost reminds me of something you might of heard from Aphex Twin but with more organized structure. Check out the track and chill....

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Flume is a young Australian artist really worthy to listen to. He has just released his new album in Australia and New Zeeland (Hi Mr. Streten, Europe also wants you) and it’s incredibly gorgeous.

Full of groovy beats and catchy melodies, every sound is perfectly sewed, leading to beautiful and detailed songs. And these are the kind of songs that... how I can explain it… Has it never happened to you to be walking and suddenly stop in the middle of the street and dance for 0.5 seconds? It’s more a muscular spasm rather than a dance step. Has it never happened to you? After that “my-skeleton-is-rebellious-today” there’s a “No Madame, neither I’m high nor it’s an epileptic attack symptom. It’s just good music that makes my bones turn into spaghetti”. Well, Flume’s songs are those which make you react like that.

All the songs are incredible. My favorite track is Left Alone. I’m also a big fan of Chet Faker so having in the same song both of them is just paradise for my ears. I think that Michelangelo would resuscitate after listening to this and would do a painting of Flume and Chet Faker as Gods of sex. Oh yes.

- Naroa


Them Swoops

Them Swoops, a new band from Melbourne (Australia), just released their first song. The song is called Work Around It and it's really catchy. As a first single this song can count as a serious BOOM into the music industry. 

Them Swoops have already announced the release date for their first EP. This EP will drop in spring 2013. I'm really curious after hearing this first single and I bet there is plenty of sweet music to come. Enjoy Beamers!


The 1975

The 1975 released their latest single from their new EP a few days ago, it's called You. This single will appear on their second EP which is called Sex. This single has it to make it to charts all over Europe. I hope you'll enjoy it!

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