Atlas Genius

Some of you die hard TMB fans may remember our interview with the Australian band Atlas Genius. Well this band is doing great at the moment and just released their debut album When It Was Now. We already know Trojans, If So and Back Seat but this band has a lot more to give. The whole album consists of feel good songs, nice vibes and great vocals! I wouldn't be surprised if they are going to be the next big thing this spring/summer! Enjoy Beamers!


The Brightonian Tourist’s new EP is a perfect combination of silence and music, echoes and sounds. Beautiful dark nights full of soft skins movements inspired by the beats, of closed eyes and bitten lower lips. A magical sensation of “let’s not think of tomorrow, and let’s enjoy Tonight”.

- Naroa

Disclosure ft. AlunaGeorge

Yes yes yes! Disclosure and AlunaGeorge? Together? I feel my heart beating so fast, a tachycardia in the horizon. I feel excited like a little kid seconds before seeing Santa, like a teenager before his or her first date, like when driving fast in an old Chevrolet Corbair with the hair playing with the wind… Stand up, close your eyes, dance and fusion your heartbeats with those of the song. Damn, I feel so free.


- Naroa

Safe Truth - Leann Grimes

We know Leann Grimes as Shane Conerty, a friendly man from Brooklyn, who is very familiar with producing indie mash-ups. But today he released a new track called Safe Truth, set to be on his forthcoming record Leann Grimes: Sings. Unlike his other tracks, this one is self-made and makes me very curious for more.

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The great Australian Ta-Ku is back with a new project: to pay tribute to the Japanese producer Nujabes. How? In a very pretty way in fact, releasing a track inspired on him every night for 25 nights long. The first three nights are already available.


Magic beats.


- Naroa

10 Spanish groups worth listening to


What can be done if you want to travel but there is no money? Well, music is a great boarding pass. Just lie down in the couch and listen to music from the country you wanted to go. It will be like travelling for your ears.


So, first destination: Spain, Basque Country and Catalonia. Fasten your belts, switch off your mobile phones and enjoy.


1. Corizonas

Corizonas is a fusion of the bands Los Coronas and Arizona Baby. They play folk/country/rock and sing mostly in English. This past year has been a very good one for them because they have done a big tour and played in music festivals, such as in BBK Live (I saw them, by the way, and they were fantastic).


2. La Pegatina

Here you’ve got a great group from Catalonia. Their music is equal to “having fun and smile” and their live concerts are so great. They have already played in many countries such as in Holland, Belgium, Québec, France… With them party and good vibrations are assured.


3. The Zombie Kids

Based in Madrid, this duo knows how to make people jump. They have collaborated with The Party Harders, and played in every corner of Spain.


4. Green Valley

Green Valley is a basque reggae group from Vitoria (oh my lovely city) but based in Barcelona. Their music and lyrics are very beautiful. It is a very good reggae group.


5. We are standard

Alehop, another group from the Basque Country. We are standard is an indie group with very funky music, worthy to listen to.


6. Los chikos del maiz

It’s time for rap. Los chikos del maiz is a group from Valencia with very hard lyrics, about terrorism, political issues, the monarchy… Good rap from Spain.


7. Bongo botrako

This is a fresh group created in Tarragona, Catalonia. They are an explosive group that puts everybody in a good mood.


8. Russian red

She has a really sweet and original voice and her music is pretty beautiful. She sings in English and some people know her as the Spanish Feist.


9. Berri txarrak

Back to the Basque Country, Berri txarrak (bad news in Basque) is a very good rock band and they have played in many countries such as in Japan, France, Germany, Italy… The singer of Rise Against collaborated in this following song.


10. Pional

Let’s finish the trip with a little bit of electronic. Pional is a young producer of Madrid who has worked with John Talabot (check him out too, from Barcelona). His music is awesome and he has a very promising future.


- Naroa


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Eliza Doolittle

Eliza Doolittle is giving us her Christmas present: an EP compounded of two covers and a new song, a little aperitif to her upcoming new album, which will be out next year. Such a sweet voice that becomes a perfect soundtrack of the moments shared with family and friends these days.


Have fun, eat a lot and lick your fingers, drink and party, keep listening to good music, and show love. Merry Christmas beamers!



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