Delilah (Feat. Liam Bailey)

Delilah renewed her song Breathe together with Chase & Status man Liam Bailey. This song is probably going to be her new single. BBC Radio gave us a first listen. Enjoy!

The Temper Trap

Finally, The Temper Trap came up with something new! They are preparing a brand new album called The Temper Trap. Bellow you can listen to the first single of that new album which will be releasen on 21st of May. Enjoy!

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Burial & Four Tet

Two weeks ago, Burial released his new EP Kindred, and we were amazed by his new work. Today, he released a new single with a guy with Four Tet, a guy whom he already made an EP with, and was as well amazing: Ego/Mirror, featuring Thom Yorke. Their new single is called Nova and is, as we're used from Burial & Four Tet, incredibly good.

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Simian Mobile Disco

Seraphim is a new track from Simian Mobile Disco, it will apear on their next LP called Unpatterns. Yesterday Annie Mac played the song for the first time. It sounds very good and I hope there is more to come! Enjoy

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George Barnett

George Barnett is set to release his debut album 17 may and Lone Rose is the first single of the new album that will be released on march 12th. The young musician didn't only wrote some very good music he also produced and directed this beautiful video. Enjoy!

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Today I present you this very very catchy song called Lady Lady by this Australian band Raider. I received a mail from their manager with the question to do something with the song and when I heared it I was sold right away! Awesome song with very good vocals! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Cheers!

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Interview with SLIP


A couple of days ago we met this young rapper SLIP and today I have an interview for you guys with him. I hope you like his music as much as I do! Enjoy!


The Music Beam: First off for the people who don't know, tell them who you are and where you represent?

Slip: Slip aka Young Rambo, Slipzilla, you know. 814, 814 forever.

The Music Beam: How did you get started in the rap game, who or what influenced you?

Slip: I just wanted to produce and the rapping came along with it. I get influence from everywhere for real, my team holds it down.

The Music Beam: Where does the name Slip came from?

Slip: That was my nickname in high school because my last name is Slippy, so that’s what it is.

The Music Beam: What are your main plans and goals for the future?

Slip: I’m trying to stay motivated, stay focused. Just taking it one day at a time, and we’ll figure it out from there.

The Music Beam: I've noticed you released a couple of new singles recently, are you planning to make a mixtape or maybe an album?

Slip: I’m going to keep dropping songs until I release another mixtape. I got a couple different projects in the making right now, actually. So stay on the lookout for those, they’ll be posted on 

The Music Beam: Many new hip hoppers are making it in the music world, do you feel like it's hard to compete?

Slip: Not really, ‘cause I’m on my A game. I’m doing my own thing; I’m in my own lane. Coming from the town I’m from, there’s no competition. But I respect everyone doing their thing.

The Music Beam: Thank you so much for this interview! Is there anything you want to say to your fans or any shout outs you'd like to mention? 

Slip: Shout out the whole team, thanks for holding me down. Make sure you follow us on Twitter: @ITSSLIP, @_brittthompson, @VISA_RXIII, @TheJakeOver, @Jordan_Harter. I appreciate the love, and I want to give it all back.


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