Iceland doesn’t stop surprising us. Not longtime ago I discovered Samaris, a very talented young trio coming from the cold island. Their songs, however, are full of dreamy warmth. Have a listen to their combination of clarinete, electronic and beautiful vocals!

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Moderat - II

It has been a while since we've done a review for an album, but with the release of Moderat's second album 'II', there was a great opportunity to write one. You might know Moderat for their previous singles 'Rusty Nails' and 'A New Error', or you might know the three geniuses behind this project: Sascha Ring aka Apparat and Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szarny aka Modeselektor.

Earlier this month, Moderat released their stunning new single 'Bad Kingdom', a track with heavy basses and the extraordinary voice of Apparat. But just a week ago, they released the real deal: II. Their new album kicks off with Bad Kingdom, and continues with lots of great songs, all with a different atmosphere going on. 'Versions' reminds of Four Tet, where 'Let in the Light' clearly has influences from pop music, the good old two-step and Berlin minimal. The two following tracks are my favourite tracks on the album: 'Milk' is a ten minutes during masterpiece, where Moderat builds up incredibly towards the climax. 'Therapy' just has it all: the hard Berlin beat, dreamy effects and catchy vocals. The rest of the album connects more with Moderat's previous work, and is in my opinion slightly less interesting, not bad though, but these tracks miss something the first tracks do have. Except for 'This Time', a beautiful track to conclude the album.

Although most of the tracks of the previous albums were hard to dance to, Moderat changed their course and alternated between 'Bad Kingdom', a track you can compare to 'Rusty Nails', and 'Milk', a track where you can picture yourself in a dark disco in Berlin.

Enjoy the album!

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Milky Chance

Milky Chance (Oh man, I think I have a dirty mind) is a German artist releasing his new upcoming album Sadnecessary the 31st of May. His songs are full of folk brushes with modern sparklings and original voicy melodies. Here you’ve got two songs from the album… Enjoy!


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Mac Miller - S.D.S. (Prod. by Flying Lotus)

Mac Miller released a brand new single after months of inactivity. The single is called S.D.S. and is produced by FlyLo. Enjoy

Beach Vacation

Beach Vacation brings you some dreamy pop. The released their first EP last week, the newborn baby is called Maritim. Enjoy

Vance Joy

Vance Joy recently caught my eye with Riptide and I wanted to hear more from him. So I did some researche and damn this guy has it all! I like to use Folky pop to describe the genre he is playing. Riptide is a song from Vance Joy's debut EP called God Loves You When You're Dancing. He released this EP a while ago but I wanted you Beamers to hear this. I hope you like this band from Melbourne as much as I do! Cheers..


I love when you come up with a new band and you whisper a “wow” the first time you hear to one of its songs. And today I’m feeling quite like a thief and because I want to steal from you as much wows, little smiles and closed-eyes as possible, here you’ve got my new discovery. Fractures, aka Mark Zito, is the Australian (I swear, if they keep making such good music Down Under, I’ll move there) responsible of these pieces of art. So, listen to him and let me go into you and steal some precious sighs. Enjoy and get fascinated, beamers.



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