PLGRMS - Dream You Up

PLGRMS is a Sydney based synth-pop duo and they just released another killer single. After releasing Gemini and Fools and Their Gold in 2016, they now released Dream You Up. And with that last one they may have opened the gates to Europe and the rest of the world.


Bobby Nourmand - D U S T

LA-based producer Bobby Nourmand just dropped this deep house beauty called D U S T and made it available for a free download.

This track can be your perfect soundtrack for the sunny start of the week in Belgium. With some nice vocals and absolute brilliant beats, this track has it to make it as a top summer tune.

Moon Boots - The Life Aquatic

Moon Boots just released another song from their forthcoming album First Landing, The new single is called The Life Aquatic and it is just gorgeous. The song really takes you on a beautiful journey in your mind. Enjoy

Lou Phelps

Kaytranada and his little brother Lou Phelps just released this new track called What Time Is It. It's the perfect combination between fresh rhymes from Phelps and Innanet James together with the golden touch from the hands of Kaytranada. Everything this Canadian producer touches turns into gold. 

What Time Is It is the second release from the young Montreal MC and will feature on the debut project Phelps is going to release. Enjoy

Geoffroy - Thirsty

This new track by Geoffroy really got me, for a moment I thought I was driving a convertible alongside a Californian coast. For all those sitting inside and watching the poor weather outside, this song is a must hear.

In the beginning of 2017 Geoffroy released his debut album called Coastline.. and it is a real beauty. Normally his style is a little folky, but this time he expands his range by going a bit more electronic-poppy.  Following in the footsteps of artists like SOHN, Glass Animals,... 

I highly recommand his debut album to everyone of you. Sit back, close your eyes and let Geoffroy take you on a journey. Enjoy


Bruno Major

Woah, this is just too beautiful.

Bruno Major, a North London based singer songwriter, released some very powerful demos over the last months. His latest demo is called Second Time, and I can assure you that you will fall in love right away. The melancholy in his voice and lyrics together with some very smooth music is just what you need.

Major has said in an interview that he loves to write and produce his music so freely.. All I have to say to that, keep on doing that man!

I added one of is earlier tracks as well, enjoy!





One soundbite can express more than a thousand words. It can make you feel fulfilled, it can make you dream, lose you in a past memory, you can travel through it. The same soundbite can mean something different depending on the person. One might close the eyes and dream of waking up in the top of a mountain, breathing fresh air, feeling warm sunlight in the skin. Some may dance and swing their shoulders, find peace and relax, free their minds. No need of words, just sounds, just music. And the last song from Tycho is one of those combinations of soundbites. Enjoy.

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